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Current projects include...


A woman's skin beauty site    providing right-fit advice, curated cosmetic choices, treatments, tools and inspiration to look + feel your very best.

  • FunCarsLLC

Venture debt 3 year investment in    a fun car rental and used car auto dealer in Raleigh, NC 

  •       hearFARE : 

A    nationwide    internet multimedia company >>Launched 2015


  • Proof Records LLC:    

A    local NC music, recording + management company . An 18 month project became      

2 artists + more in the pipeline including    some Grammy nominated songwriters and 3 geniuses later,

a Grammy Nominated Record Producer, Serial Marketing Entrepreneuer +  INC 500 award  winning businessman with music industry experience Launched April 2018.   

Music available at



First Proof Records LLC EP release,

3 original songs by Megan Elise

on all music platforms 9/4/2018

  • New York Watermaker LLC:   

We are the North Carolina manufacturer's reps for New York WaterMaker which has created a groundbreaking water replication system that will allow restaurants, bakers [pizza, bagels, bread] individually owned businesses, chains and franchisors to offer customers improved food quality, consistency, and taste that can only be possible by cooking with NYC water, the best cooking water in the world.

The New York WaterMaker system is a patent-pending water source replication system that not only functions as a commercial water filter, but also replicates the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of a specific location’s water, with a key focus on replicating NYC’s water.

There is a significant worldwide demand for NYC water, given the water’s ability to improve food and beverage taste, and the New York WaterMaker system will revolutionize the culinary world by elevating restaurants around the world to the gold standard of New York City.


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